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Living in Novo Hamburgo

Feevale is located in Novo Hamburgo, Southern Brazil. Novo Hamburgo is a city where European immigration groups, especially German and Italian, have shaped the people we have come to be and the lifestyle we have come to adopt.

The city is renowned as the Brazilian capital of shoes, has an area of 223.61 km² and approximately 248.000 inhabitants. The town is in the region of Vale dos Sinos, which has an area of 1.400 km² and a population of 1.3 million people. Today, 92% of Brazil’s shoes and leather companies are in this region.


Câmpus I Av. Dr. Maurício Cardoso, 510 | Bairro Hamburgo Velho | Novo Hamburgo, RS | CEP 93510-250 | » Como Chegar

Câmpus II ERS-239, 2755 | Novo Hamburgo, RS | CEP 93525-075 | Telefone: (51) 3586-8800 | » Como chegar

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