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ASPEUR, Feevale University Sponsor, in Novo Hamburgo, was founded on June 28, 1969. ASPEUR is a non-profit community entity, formed by regional efforts, that has been committed to Feevale for 40 years.   

ASPEUR in its organization is formed by a Board of Directors, a Deliberative Council, an Audit Committee and an Advisory Board, which consist of professionals of several fields and, especially of Feevale’s former students. Feevale was established on March 24, 1970. It was started due to a community desire to qualify students and promote professional expertise, providing permanent update of the society. It is located in Novo Hamburgo and is integrated to Vale dos Sinos, the largest footwear industry in the country.

In March 1989, Feevale built the High School and, in 1994, the Elementary School was started. Currently, Feevale has more than 16,500 students at all levels of education. 

Among all the support Feevale received, it stands out UNESCO recognition, awarded by the International Institute for Educational Planning, in accordance with Professor Cândido Mendes de Almeida’s previous opinion, and Entrepreneurial Award in 1991 and 1998 - conferred by the Trade, Industrial and Services Association of Novo Hamburgo, Campo Bom and Estância Velha - ACI-NH/CB/EV. 

On April 5, 2010, an order by the Ministry of Education was published on the Federal Official Gazette of Brazil accrediting Feevale University Center as a University. This moment resulted of a lot of struggle that started in 1969 when a group of people came together in order to answer a regional community need.

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