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Feevale Exchange Program – to foreigners

Thank you for considering Feevale University! 

If you are interested in applying to an exchange program with Feevale, please contact the International Relations Office of your home institution and ask there for information, since each partner university has its own pre-selection process with specific pre-requisites and timing. 

Students selected by their home institution are invited to fulfill the application form below and send it to the Feevale’s International Affairs Office. Together with the application the following must be attached:  passport copy (first pages); letter of authorization for the Exchange Program from the Home University Coordinator; copy of the home institution transcript; personal letter explaining your goals about this exchange in Brazil (reason, expectations).


Sending address

By mail: Diretoria de Relações Internacionais, Universidade Feevale 
ERS-239, 2755. Novo Hamburgo – RS – Brasil. CEP: 93352-000 


Deadlines and Academic Calendar

Registration will open twice a year, soon before the beginning of the semester:
- From September 1st to January 30th for first semester arrivals (February to July).
- From April 1st to June 30th for second semester arrivals (August to December).

Semester length

Regular semester: 4  months (from February to July and from August to December)
Intensive courses: 4 weeks (in July and December) 

Fees and costs 

Feevale may charge any fees of the partner students in some situations according to the rules of the institution. The costs regarding travel, health insurance, housing, transportation, food, tourism and other personal expenses are responsibility of the participant.


How to improve your experience? 

At Feevale, exchange students can enrich their experience getting involved in social and extension projects. There are projects in many areas, such as: design, health, visual arts, fashion design, communication, business, etc. Feevale also has a gym center and swimming pool, for exercising and physiotherapy.

Where to eat? 

At Feevale, exchange students can have their meal at restaurants located in the campus. There are also fast food restaurants which are available inside the campus and in its surroundings.

Where to stay? 

International students can stay in host families in Novo Hamburgo and region, selected by Feevale, or in student republics near the institution. While the host families allow the student to get in contact with the local culture and the Brazilian way of living, in the student republic students can get in contact with other exchange and regular students.

Câmpus I Av. Dr. Maurício Cardoso, 510 | Bairro Hamburgo Velho | Novo Hamburgo, RS | CEP 93510-250 | » Como Chegar

Câmpus II ERS-239, 2755 | Novo Hamburgo, RS | CEP 93525-075 | Telefone: (51) 3586-8800 | » Como chegar

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