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About Feevale

Campus II
One of Feevale’s targets is to offer the most up-to-date knowledge to its students, allowing them to access to the global market. To form professionals who have global skills, and who are able to act in a borderless world, the institution has the goal to make international cooperation relevant for the students and professors’ development in all the research fields. Academically, the students, professors, researchers and managers’ mobility deepens the transnational bonds, creating useful connections to the development of research projects, publications, graduation courses and universal knowledge networks.

To offer support to its activities, Feevale has a modern infrastructure, with technological laboratories and equipment, libraries, multimedia rooms, auditoriums, a sports complex and clinics. Moreover, it has other services such as banks, restaurants, coffee shops, a bookshop and easy access to public transportation. 

Feevale takes part within an international cooperation framework which is made up of 60 institutions that are world references, which are established in 17 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Portugal, UK and Uruguay. These cooperation agreements integrate scientific communities from different continents, intensifying the importance of the internationalization of education.

At Feevale University, international students are an integral and important part of our diverse campus. We, from the International Affairs Team, are very proud of the personal attention international students receive in the classroom and beyond. We encourage you to contact the International Affairs Office with any questions you have about Feevale by phone at + 55 51 3586 8917 or email

Campus Location

Feevale has two campi, both located in Novo Hamburgo, which is 40 km from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The institution also has an Extension University Center placed in Vale dos Sinos Technological Center, in the city of Campo Bom. 

Campus II is located in a beautiful area whose buildings, which are named by colors, are surrounded by gardens. The majority of programs and services which operate at campus are available, such as the Traineeship Center, the Juridical Practices Center, school-clinics and the Analytical Center.

Campus I, placed in the historical neighborhood of Novo Hamburgo, takes up "Escola de Aplicação", a pinacotheca and the National Museum of Shoes, which keeps alive the memory of the activities related to shoes and leather production in the country.


Câmpus I Av. Dr. Maurício Cardoso, 510 | Bairro Hamburgo Velho | Novo Hamburgo, RS | CEP 93510-250 | » Como Chegar

Câmpus II ERS-239, 2755 | Novo Hamburgo, RS | CEP 93525-075 | Telefone: (51) 3586-8800 | » Como chegar

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