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Flach (E) e Bezerra (D) operando a prensa hidráulica 15/12/2016 | Notícias
University develops domestic technology for effluent treatment

Through research, membranes and flow separators for treatment through electrodialysis can already be produced in Brazil, which today imports these materials

15/12/2016 | Notícias
Feevale holds a meeting for exchange students ‘buddies’

Event happened on Tuesday, December 13, on Campus II

Caroline Rigotto 09/12/2016 | Notícias
Feevale University Professor is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

Caroline Rigotto, professor of the Master's Degree in Virology, was selected for the period 2017 - 2021

30/11/2016 | Notícias
Feevale and Comung sign agreement with Spanish University

This Monday, November 28, the Institution will receive the vice-rector of the Universidad Miguel Hernándes, Vicente Micol

22/11/2016 | Notícias
Feevale University and UFRGS together in the fight against Zika

Led by professor Fernando Spilki, research project of the two institutions aims to test safer drugs for pregnant women, in addition to better understand the virus and its evolution

08/11/2016 | Notícias
Group from Finland visits Campus II

From HAMK University, Feevale's partner, 14 students and two professors take part in visits and seminars related to postgraduate program

28/10/2016 | Notícias
Technical mission to Portugal and Spain will strengthen research on effluent treatment in Rio Grande do Sul

The trip, which will take place in November, focuses on expanding international relations of researchers from Feevale University and UFRGS

25/10/2016 | Notícias
Migrant from Senegal lectures to students of Feevale’s Jovem Aprendiz Program

Esmel Luc Olivier Atchori spoke about the experiences of migrants and refugees in Brazil

25/10/2016 | Notícias
Representatives of the Education Department of Jiangxi Province, China, visit Feevale

Authorities will be at the University to discuss cooperation programs

14/10/2016 | Notícias
Feevale professors present their works in the United States

Group of six professors participate in events at the universities of Princeton, Stanford and New Mexico on October 10 - 19


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