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Professor at Universidade Feevale joins a semester of studies in Canada

13/03/2017 - Atualizado 15h38min
Inês Reichert, who was advised by the ethnologist Robert Crépeau, at Université de Montréal, studies some indigenous people who are currently attending studies in a doctoral program in Brazil
From September 2016 and January this year, a History Professor at University Feevale, Inês Reichert, joined Université de Montréal for a period of studies, in Montreal, Québec, Canada. That learning semester has to do with the doctorate thesis the historian is writing on Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion, housed at Feevale and advised by Professor Ana Luiza Carvalho da Rocha. At the Canadian University, the researcher held a theoretical education mentored by the ethnologist Robert Crépeau, core Professor of the Anthropology Department, a reference for the mentioned area. 

Professor Inês studies a new social phenomenon among Brazilian indigenous people: the fact that some of them are becoming doctors, that is to say, they have attended a doctor degree course in graduate programs. According to the Professor, the interest in the subject came from a participation in social projects, such as the Project Multiple Readings which involves Education at a regional tribe named Kaingang Por Fi tribe, in Vale do Sinos. Just as to the historian, it will be of really importance to embrace the meanings with regard to indigenous doctors educational process, in consonance with the reason why they are searching to acknowledge western science. ‘We're interested in understanding the meanings of the academic title on behalf of indigenous people, a demand they have been doing so that to become the authors of their stories, and not only an object to be studied’, she reports. 

On the point of the History Professor, the experience in a foreign institution showcased her some findings of common grounds and subject of disagreements as well about the insertion of indigenous people in the global world. In the subject of Imaginary, for instance, taught by professor Crépeau, Inês was able to update her knowledge to try to understand, in her thesis, how the indigenous students are proceeding with their comprehension of their cosmology in relation with what is in fact practiced in terms of science at University. In addition, the researcher has already prepared a map for interviews, which will take place in Brazil addressed to the indigenous doctors. Now, the stage of the research focuses on expanding the investigation of the working field.

As for the History course at Feevale, of which Inês is a Professor, the experience in Canada along with the practical applicability in Brazil of the acquired knowledge contribute to the education of undergraduates, the will be teachers. ‘Given the demands of the curriculum for teachers education, the indigenous issue is something largely worked on the course, by a diversity of subjects, and the achieved qualification may be maximized and disseminated among the academics scholar construction’, states the professor.
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