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Feevale and Comung sign agreement with Spanish University

This Monday, November 28, the Institution will receive the vice-rector of the Universidad Miguel Hernándes, Vicente Micol
At the beginning of October, Professor Inajara Vargas Ramos, Feevale University’s Rector and Cleber Prodanov, Pro-rector of Innovation of the Institution, visited Barcelona to participate in the Mission Comung Spain 2016, held by the Consórcio das Universidades Comunitárias Gaúchas – Comung. In return for the visit, the Institution will receive, on Monday, November 28, Vicente Micol, vice-rector of Universidad Miguel Hernándes, Spain.
Micol is the coordinator of the area of molecular diagnostics and therapies of the Spanish institution, besides participating in research on cancer. The professor will be at the University to sign the cooperation agreements with Feevale and Comung. The agreements aim to contribute to topics of common interest, such as joint research, teaching and student mobility, and to increase knowledge through events such as seminars, lectures, courses and others.
Starting at 2:00 p.m., Micol will be received in the Rectory’s Hall of Acts, located on Campus II, by the Rector and the Director of International Affairs, Paula Cundari, among other Feevale’s authorities. In addition, he will visit the Institution through Tour Feevale, in which he will visit the laboratories of Toxicological Analysis and Molecular Microbiology. Then, at 5:00 pm, the professor will be received, in room 1 of the Rectory, by Inajara and Prodanov, where he will sign the agreements with the Institution and Comung.
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