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Feevale Professor Awarded in the United States

31/10/2019 - Atualizado 09h01min

Andreia Henzel com placa

Andréia Henzel, professor at Feevale University, Technical Manager of the IBEx Feevale - Innovation in Experimental Vivarium and Coordinator of the Ethics Committee in the Use of Animals (Ceua/Feevale), was awarded theICLAS-ART Travel Award 2019 during the 70th American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) National Meeting, which took place in the United States. “The award was given for the work that has been done at IBEx Feevale and for the Ceua's commitment and engagement,” she says. Andréia thanked the work of the Vivarium team, the undergraduate scholarship students, scientific improvement, students of Course Completion Work (TCC) and of supervised internship who work or have worked there, and also the Ceua team.

To compete for the award, the professor, together with the International and Institutional Affairs Office and Feevale's Pro-Rector Office for Research, Graduate Studies and Extension, prepared her application for the Americas Regional Committee (ARC) of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS). The participation of Andréia, who is a member of the research group in Virology and Environmental Virology, is relevant to Ceua, and happened through the Federation of South American Societies and Associations of Laboratory Animal Science.